Counting Steps

The Secret to Finding Your Life's Purpose

It’s all about counting steps nowadays…

I love the whole step-counting technology thing.  I like to put on my Fitbit or Apple Watch pretend I’m from the future and I need to speak with Sarah Connor… nevermind.  Okay, I don’t own either but I really want one of them–either will do!  Not only will it make me look super-cool, it will surely be the silver bullet that helps me achieve my health goals! 200 bucks?  Ha! A mere pittance for the glorious outcome it will provide!

What? You mean I have to actually workout?  (sigh).

Well, at least it’ll look cool.

Okay, in all seriousness, I think these gadgets are awesome but the truth is, they are just tools.  They are only as good as my willingness to put in the work.  But, when I do put in the work, a step-counter, diet plan, exercise plan, and friends to help me along the journey can help me accomplish my goals and go further, faster.  (It’s not that my friends are tools, of course, but you know what I mean).

The tools don’t do the work, they help me do the work.  

Fitness is a great example.  I can have a house full of Fitbits, cookbooks, exercise equipment, healthy food, etc., but if I just think I’ll get healthy by osmosis, I’m a fool.  While it might work for some molecules, it won’t work for me.  I must use the tools around me to achieve results.

This is also true in our spiritual lives.  We just need to find the right tools and do some work to grow more and more spiritually fit.  I think the tendency is to overcomplicate spiritual growth.  For most of us we feel it’s just a mystery and it’s tough to get our minds around so we give up.  Like when you go to the gym for the first time.  It’s a bunch of new equipment you don’t know how to use, and you’re embarrassed to ask for help.  So you don’t use it, you go home, and you don’t come back.

But, you know what happens then.  More pounds add on.  Maybe that underlying health issue sneaks up.  Your energy, vitality, and excitement for life fades.  Your confidence takes a hit, and you find yourself shying away from social situations, professional opportunities, and even quality time with the ones you love most.

At least we talk about physical fitness (a lot).  But we need to talk spiritual fitness.  Because poor spiritual fitness is the silent killer.  You wake up one day and your level of joy, vitality, excitement, imagination, purpose, creativity, and well, life are severely diminished.  You feel far from God, far from your sense of purpose, and far from fulfilled.

But what if you could change that?

What if you could become spiritually fit?  What would your life be like if you felt like you knew God’s purpose and plan for your life?  What would going to work everyday feel like if you knew that you were doing what you were created to do? What would your relationships be like if you had a wellspring of passion and joy coming from within you every day?  Would you be happier?  Would you actually feel fulfilled?  Without a doubt.

Over the next few weeks I want to help you identify the tools and help you get to work on your spiritual journey.  I’m like the spiritual version of the trainer who shows you how to use the equipment.  It actually doesn’t take a ton of time.  It just takes some consistency.

I’m going to be hosting a FREE WEBINAR on March 9, 2017 that will help give you some tools.  It’s called: NEXT STEPS: 5 Days to Discovering God’s Purpose for You.  It’s a call to spiritual health.  And don’t forget God wants you to be healthy!  He wants you to embrace His divine design for your life.

NEXT STEPS PRIMER #1: Check out how Jesus revealed Peter’s identity in John 1:35-42.

It’s all about discovering who you are.  Because when you know who you are, your purpose becomes clear.

Jesus reveals our true identity.  Goal-setting is great, but it is impotent without first knowing our identity.  For example I can set a goal to dunk a basketball, but no matter how much training I do, that’s just not going to happen. If I train I’ll be in better shape, and maybe enjoy some other benefits, but I won’t reach my goal unless I know who I am. It’s a question of identity.

Mark you calendar for March 9.  Let’s count some steps together!